Employer Brand Marketing

Your organization may already have a marketing strategy for reaching and engaging with your customers — but do you have an employer branding strategy for improving your talent acquisition and showcasing your company values?

In a tight job market, companies are fighting to attract and retain top talent — and when employees are sorting through multiple job offers, your brand needs to show them why you’re the ideal place for them to work. Your recruitment strategy needs to go beyond phone calls offering generous salaries and benefits: By sharing employee stories that demonstrate your company culture in practice, you’ll be able to form authentic connections with jobseekers and drive higher engagement with your existing employees. In fact, the majority of jobseekers (56%) ranked a company’s reputation as the number-one factor in helping them decide whether to accept an offer.

This is one of our favorite areas to work in, as we love having the chance to learn more about why employees are passionate about their workplace — and helping them share that joy with the outside world.

We offer fully customizable recruitment marketing packages, which can also be combined with one of our traditional content marketing retainer packages. If you’re ready to build your company’s employer branding strategy, we’re here to support you.

If one of the options below isn’t a fit for you, we’re happy to talk about a customized model — we can also bring on partners in videography, photography and other disciplines based on your unique needs.

Our Packages

Employer brand marketing package

Company Culture Branding Package

You have your company values written down — but how do candidates know that your team lives by them?

This marketing package will help you showcase real team voices, including:

  • Ghostwritten thought leadership articles

    We'll create custom ghostwritten thought leadership articles on behalf of company executives for publication on your own platforms or external platforms of your choice (Additional fee for article placement).

    • 3 executive bylined articles of 1,000 words each, delivered one per month over 3 months
  • Employee spotlights

    Profiles of individual employees, spotlighting their personalities and values, what they love about your company, and what their roles are like.

    • Three 800-word profiles, delivered one per month over 3 months
  • Team roundtable Q&As

    Showcase powerful sound bites from your team members in a feature article.

    • 3 team roundtable articles of 1,500 words each, delivered one per month over 3 months
  • Social media/ad content development

    We’ll repurpose content from the other employer branding assets and your existing company branding assets to create powerful short-form ads and social media posts.

    • 15 social posts, 15 shortform copy ads for LinkedIn, and 15 graphic banner ads. Delivered at a cadence five of each asset types per month over 3 months

Total pricing: $6,000 per month over a 3 month period

Employer brand marketing package

Recruiting Content Package

Your team’s growing quickly, and your recruiters need consistent messaging and cheat sheets to help them convey your brand’s values accurately. This package of recruiter-facing content includes:

  • Infographic Cheat Sheets

    6 designed infographic “cheat sheets” spotlighting different aspects of working at your company, for easy reference

  • Editorial Review of Job Descriptions

    Editorial review of 5 job descriptions, with revision suggestions for readability and inclusiveness

  • Copy for a "Careers" Landing Page

    A 1,000-word “careers” landing page that spotlights what’s special about your company, and how you plan to grow with the right talent

Total pricing: $4,000 per month over a 3 month period

Packages can be combined or modified, with optional add-ons (through partner collaborations as needed) including video content, webinars, podcasts, and guest blog placements.

Why invest in a strong employer brand?

Building a employer brand

An employer branding strategy helps you build an identity around your company culture, and demonstrate your employee value proposition.

With unemployment at an all-time low, companies are fighting for talent - and jobseekers want to know that their future workplace will value them, offer them flexibility, and provide the growth opportunities they’re seeking.

Jobseekers are likely to research your company on Glassdoor and other company review sites, and encouraging your employees to share their stories there and on social media is a great way to drive interest and help you build a strong company reputation.

But by giving your current employees their own platform to share testimonials around what they value about your company culture and what makes them tick, you’ll be able to share a richer story about your organization that enables prospective employees to visualize what it’s like to work there. They’ll be able to get insights on what makes your company unique, and see the faces and hear the stories of their potential future team mates.

Likewise, by providing your recruiters with their own easily-digestible resources, they’ll be better prepared to sell your organization to the candidates they’re interviewing, and will be able to answer any questions and provide convincing talking points that will help them overcome any potential objections on the fly.

Presenting a comprehensive picture of your workplace makes the decision about more than money — potential candidates will be energized to join an organization that shares their values, and will be excited to engage with your company culture from Day One.

In fact, a strong employer brand can:

  • reduce an organization’s turnover by 28%
  • reduce the cost to hire by 50%
  • yield 50% more qualified applicants.

Rather than racing to hire more recruiters, you can build a sustainable recruitment marketing strategy to help you scale by investing in employer branding content that helps you engage new prospective employees through organic search traffic, social media, and targeted ads.

Eucalypt’s employer branding work

Eucalypt has worked in the growing field of talent brand marketing for many years, partnering with clients including LinkedIn, Atlassian, Stack Overflow, and GitLab. Our work in this discipline has included:

  • Case studies and blog content in support of marketing technology solutions for recruiting jobseekers and building employee engagement
  • Executive-bylined thought leadership content discussing company initiatives and company culture, for company blogs, social media, and external publications
  • Employee and team spotlight Q&As
  • Infographics and recruiting sheets promoting company values and important information for easy reference

Client case study: Atlassian

We worked with Atlassian on an initial project in 2018 to develop a series of designed “cheat sheets” for recruiters, as well as a series of employee spotlight profiles featuring their new graduates.

“This was our first time working together, so we wanted to test Eucalypt's design, copywriting, and interviewing skills. We needed them to take complicated topics and distill them down into easily understandable and digestible content. We needed specific tones and voices for our internal and external content respectively.

The workflow was quite effective, we were never held up on our progress. They were responsive, and we communicated back and forth. They reported all their work in a centralized portal, which was easy to use and excellent at tracking our progress.

Eucalypt's ability to effectively and quickly adapt our writing style was really impressive.”

Devin Rogozinski (then) Head of Talent Brand, Atlassian

In the four years since, we’ve consistently worked with Atlassian’s Talent Brand team, supporting them on executive bylined articles, articles for their careers section discussing the growth path in different job functions, articles about their team members for third party publications, social and ad copy for their recruiting team, and numerous other initiatives. Much of the content highlights Atlassian’s company values, which are central to the employee experience at Atlassian.

The internal content has helped their recruiters refine their messaging, and helped the team to organically attract new job candidates across all levels through organic social media and paid advertising in support of the campaigns.

How to begin an employer brand marketing engagement

Whether you’re interested in one of our existing packages or a customized offering based on your needs, here’s how our employer branding engagements typically work.

In most cases, we’ll work with someone in a Head of Talent Brand, HR, or People function, who is dedicated to bringing on and retaining top talent through a variety of initiatives, which may include social media marketing, advertising, video production, content marketing, and other multimedia content, in addition to traditional recruiting and job fairs.

As we get started, we’ll collaborate with our primary contact or the Talent team in general to build out an employer branding strategy, which might incorporate a mix of internal-facing (recruiters and current employees) and external-facing content (jobseekers and industry experts). Our workload can be customized based on each client’s priorities and support needs.

Once we’ve built out a calendar of deliverables, we’ll conduct in-depth discovery sessions with various stakeholders at the company, including executives and team members at all levels, to develop content that focuses on their roles and their unique perspectives. This content can be repurposed into various formats: It might even be published as a video or audio interview or podcast, and turned into a series of articles, social media posts, and recruiting-focused ads.

As the campaign progresses, we can work with our internal partner to identify relevant metrics and track the content’s success — using metrics such as clicks on recruiting ads, organic search visits to the new content, content engagement, and clicks from content to a job application page. As part of a longer-term strategy package, we can work with you to optimize the strategy to improve metrics based on the data that we see.

At Eucalypt, we pride ourselves on being a small enough agency that we can easily adapt to our clients’ workflows and processes — serving as a collaborative partner to help you meet your employee recruitment and engagement goals, and adapting to your changing needs and goals.

Ready to Get Started?

Ready to discuss your employer brand strategy? Set up a time for a free consultation to learn more about using content marketing to help you bring on top talent.

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