Higher Ed Guide to Content Marketing

With more than 3,000 four-year higher education institutions in the United States, content marketing has become a critical recruitment and fundraising tool. In this eBook, learn how to build a content marketing strategy—clarify your goals, build personas, enact a targeted distribution plan, and learn from the institutions trailblazing the form.


7 Steps to Mastering Content Marketing for B2B Tech Companies

Are you struggling with building a content marketing plan that actually gets results? This ebook is based on our own years of consulting work with clients including LinkedIn, Intel, Cray, and dozens of other B2B tech companies. Learn how to build a winning game plan.


Measuring the ROI of Content Marketing

This guide offers an overview of the key metrics that content marketers are using and measuring to stay ahead of the pack—and arms you with the tools you need to impress your company’s stakeholders.


The Art of the Voice

Research confirms that it’s neurobiological—readers prefer first-person stories to third-person stories. Why? Because the first-person voice naturally develops an intimacy between reader and narrator. Marketers can harness this fact to make their case studies powerful and memorable. Learn how.


6 Steps for Building a Killer Content Marketing Program

How can you best use your budget to build out a kick-ass content marketing plan that’ll help you drive leads, conversions, and industry recognition—instead of blowing your budget on mediocre content that sits there gathering mothballs and spam comments?


A B2B Content Marketer’s Guide to a Digital Distribution Strategy

This free ebook guides you through the process of creating and utilizing a content marketing distribution strategy—so that all that superb content you are creating can reach its broadest possible audience.

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