Write for Eucalypt

At Eucalypt, we specialize in content marketing in a number of industry verticals including technology, healthcare, finance, insurance, venture capital, education and more.

What we look for in writers

We love working with writers that specialize in industry niches and are full-time freelancers. We build custom teams of expert writers for each client engagement which allows writers to become familiar with a client company’s brand voice.

While skilled generalist writers are great, what really makes a writer stand out to us and put them at the front of the line is proven expertise in one or more of the industry verticals that we work in. This expertise can come from years of experience researching and writing about a field, a degree in a specific field, or a working background in a field (think programmer/writer, engineer/writer etc.).


A solid understanding of modern SEO best practices. The days of keyword stuffing are long gone–writers should be familiar with creating great, “human first” content that is optimized for search engines.

All Eucalypt, client deliverables are in English and are typically produced for a highly educated audience, and accordingly we look for writers who have a bachelor’s (or higher) degree, from an institution where classes are taught in English.

Not required, but great skills to have:

Journalism experience. The ability to be able conduct professional interviews with client SMEs is highly desirable.

Content marketing strategy experience. We love working with writers who have experience in content marketing strategy (creating buyer personas/keyword research/competitive market research/editorial calendar development & content ideation). Writers with proven strategy experience may also have opportunities to assist us on client strategy work (paid hourly).

Our Policies

We are a small agency and writers who assist on our client projects will mostly be interacting directly with Eucalypt’s principals. We pay significantly higher than most online writing marketplaces and platforms, but we also expect a high degree of quality and professionalism from those who work with us. While all writers are asked to complete our Freelance Writer Agreement prior to commencing any projects, which contains all terms and conditions, these are some of the most important:

We strive for industry leading content. We pride ourselves on best-in-class content for our clients that are well researched and link to authoritative sources when required. We won’t accept pieces that are essentially rewrites or “spun” content from other websites.

We have a zero tolerance policy on plagiarism. All work is verified through online plagiarism detection software and any work found to be plagiarized will not be accepted, and Eucalypt will no longer work with the writer.

Content may not be subcontracted. We create custom teams of expert writers for our clients based on a writer’s personal professional and educational background and their personal portfolio. Any writers found to be subcontracting out Eucalypt client work will not receive further work from us and may be liable for breach of contract.

Deadlines are critical. At Eucalypt we pride ourselves on exceeding client expectations and that means never missing a deadline. If a writer realizes after accepting a piece that they will not be able to complete it, we ask that they let us know right away so it can be re-assigned.

We pay writers above typical marketplace and platform rates. No 5c per word nonsense here.

Revisions. We do an internal top edit of all pieces before they are ever seen by the client to ensure that it meets all requirements. If we feel a piece misses the mark we will provide feedback to the writer to make necessary revisions. Up to 2 rounds of revisions may be required.

We believe in full transparency. Unlike many of the writing platforms, we don’t hide our writers from clients. In many cases writers may be asked to interact directly with our clients to conduct SME interviews.

We believe in paying promptly once pieces are accepted. We pay writers once we accept a piece of work. Once a piece is accepted we ask that the writer send us an invoice. If there are several pieces under way by a writer, we request that the writer combine the pieces into a single invoice for faster processing.

We comply with all US employment and tax laws. This means that prior to engaging in any work for Eucalypt, you must complete a W9 form (or a W8-BEN form for non-US citizens living and working outside the United States). We are located in Florida, and Florida law requires all contractors (freelancers) to be reported to the state as new hires for the purpose of complying with child support laws. This applies to all writers in any US state or territory. All writers will be issued a 1099-NEC for each year that payments from Eucalypt exceed the reporting threshold (currently $600). All payments are made electronically.

Getting Started

  1. The first step is to complete our freelance writer application found here.

    Once we have reviewed samples and think a writer is a good fit for Eucalypt and our clients we will book time for a quick video call. Writers will on occasion need to conduct video interviews with subject matter experts at our client companies to gather information for pieces. This lets us get to know each other, and discuss current client projects to see if there is a fit.

  2. The next step is to complete the Eucalypt Contractor Agreement. This agreement covers all assigned pieces of work as long as a writer is contracting with Eucalypt.

  3. You will be sent an email to begin onboarding in our payroll system (Gusto) where you will complete necessary tax documentation (W9/W8-BEN), and provide payment details.

  4. We offer pieces to writers and provide a target word count, proposed title, brief description of the topic along with keywords to focus on for SEO. These assignment offers will show the agreed payment for the piece and writers can accept the piece via e-signature.

  5. All content pieces are submitted to Eucalypt for review and approval via google docs.

  6. Once a piece has been accepted by us, we arrange for prompt electronic payment via Gusto. If you are doing multiple pieces we will combine payments.

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