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We’ve developed marketing strategies and content for dozens of clients across a wide range of industries, collaborating closely with each client to ensure that we are meeting their needs.


Eucalypt Media provides marketing consulting services to YarcData, a subsidiary of Cray that markets its “Big Data” graph analytics appliance to many industry sectors. We’ve helped the company develop industry-specific solution briefs, as well as promotional opportunities including conference submissions and articles for third-party sources.

Cray Inc., the supercomputer manufacturer, recently launched a subsidiary company, YarcData, to provide a broader range of commercial applications for its proprietary supercomputer technology. YarcData has used Cray’s advanced analytics technology to create a graph analytics appliance known as Urika, which has broad applications for data discovery across a wide range of industries, from life sciences to health care to finance, among others.

YarcData has hired a highly capable marketing and sales team to promote the Urika solution separately to each industry vertical, but the company needed assistance in developing and rewriting many of its marketing documents to incorporate the company’s key messaging and create compelling and actionable literature to help educate prospects about graph analytics technology in general and the Urika solution in particular.

Eucalypt Media was brought on board to assist with developing and refining YarcData’s marketing collateral, including static web copy, product and industry solution briefs, blog content, and articles to be published in industry-related news sources. Eucalypt Media works closely with YarcData’s marketing team and subject-matter experts to ensure that the content meets the company’s requirements in terms of voice and key messaging, helping the company to educate B2B prospects about the benefits of graph analytics for data discovery, and enabling the sales and marketing departments to use the marketing documents to solicit new business.

We work with B2B technology clients across a variety of industries, and understand their unique needs. Please get in touch to see samples of white papers, solution briefs, and other samples, or submit your project proposal for an estimate.

Our company has only worked with Eucalypt Media for a short time, but we are already extremely impressed. From white papers to solution briefs to suggestions for ad banners, their work is crisp, elegant and to the point. We love their writing and messaging skills! I would highly recommend this firm to anyone who is looking for a firm that always meets deadlines and offers an extremely high level of service.

Misti Lusher, Marketing Director at YarcData

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