Media, Awards & Recognition

Eucalypt has been recognized nationally and internationally as a top global content marketing agency, and Eucalypt’s managing director Kathryn Hawkins is regularly quoted on topics related to content strategy and PR, small business marketing, entrepreneurship, and other subject areas. Here’s a non-comprehensive list of places we’ve been recognized or contributed content.

What our Clients Say

In previous work, I’ve always used an internal marketing and media department, so this is the first time that we’ve gone external for services. I like having Eucalypt because they can provide a bunch of different services, like the PR [public relations] aspect they offer us. They can quickly tee up guest blog posts. What we have them do could be a full-time person’s job, and they still wouldn’t be able to cover all the different areas that we want to hit right now. Read the full review at Clutch

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