Strategic Consulting Services

Many businesses think that by pumping out lots of content, they’ll boost their traffic, site rankings, and sales—but that’s simply not true.

If you don’t develop a focused strategy before investing in content production, you’re throwing away your marketing dollars. Whether you’re preparing to launch a new venture or rebranding and revitalizing an existing business, we can help you with consulting services such as:

Content Audits

If you already have a website and/or blog, it’s important to take a look at your existing content and the role that it serves for your business. Is the content optimized for SEO, and, even more importantly, is it an accurate reflection of your brand? We’ll provide you with in-depth analysis of your current web content, tips for optimizing its performance, and suggestions for restructuring it for a better user experience.

Content Strategy Plans

Whatever your marketing goals, we can help you develop a comprehensive content strategy that focuses on your target markets and metrics. This plan will be developed in close collaboration with your company, and help you outline who your audience is, the types of content you need, how to promote it, and how to measure results—all while sticking to your proposed budget.

SEO-Optimized Editorial Calendars

We have vast experience in creating content that’s been read by thousands—and in some cases, millions—of people. We’ll develop an editorial calendar focused around compelling SEO-optimized content topics that will generate views and leads.

Guest-Blogging Strategy

One of the best ways to boost your brand visibility and increase your Google rankings is to place articles on other reputable sites within your niche. We’ll help you to determine your best prospects for guest blogging, and develop topic ideas that will fit each site.

Hourly Consulting Services

If you’d simply like to talk by phone or email to gain some insight on beginning your content marketing initiative, or if you’d like to hire us to produce content but need a little help outlining your requirements before we begin, we are available to consult on an hourly basis.

SEO Analytics Services

We can help you with search-engine optimization keyword research, and offer weekly or monthly reports on how well your keywords are performing. We can also provide assistance in optimizing your content for better search engine rankings. This valuable service can be combined with any retainer content package.

Content Development and Promotion

Our team has a wealth of experience in marketing communications in all of its many forms. Content marketing services we can provide include:

Blog Content

Whether you would like to outsource the management of your entire blog, or want to supplement your existing efforts, we are available to develop blog content packages that meet your topic needs and style requirements, whatever they may be.

Thought Leadership Articles

Articles that include original quotes from expert sources in their field can help your business gain credibility, and the sources that you quote are likely to help you promote your articles. Our writers have extensive backgrounds in journalism, with connections to the expert sources you need. The articles we’ll produce on your behalf will help you build your brand reputation, and can be used in your own marketing materials or to promote your business through other media channels.

Web Copy

We can work from a site map (whether produced by you or as part of our strategic consulting) to develop SEO-optimized website content, including a homepage, bios, services, and custom landing pages.

Newsletters and Magazines

Email or print newsletters and magazines are some of the most compelling marketing strategies for reminding prospects and customers about your business and compelling them to take action. We can develop, design, and produce custom newsletters for your business, including original newsletter content and curated links relevant to your industry. We can distribute your email newsletters through our partner service or can work with any email marketing vendor of your choice. For print newsletters, we also have a network of high-quality printers to guarantee the quality of the final product.

White Papers and E-Books

White papers and e-books are authoritative, well-designed, downloadable content pieces that are typically 1,500 words or longer. These types of content can help to increase your brand credibility, and they are excellent demand generation pieces to help you gather new email addresses and prospect information for further marketing efforts. We can help you brainstorm compelling ideas for white papers and e-books, outline them, and then produce the content and design on your behalf.

Public Relations Outreach

While we believe that organizations can achieve the best results by controlling their own messaging and building their own custom media platforms, we can supplement our inbound marketing efforts with PR outreach to traditional media outlets such as newspapers, magazines, and trade publications. With significant experience in journalism, we know what makes a good story and what editors are looking for. We can develop press releases and pitches that get noticed, can locate media and speaking opportunities on your behalf, and can write bylined op-eds and articles on your behalf for placement in major publications. Public relations services can be added to any content retainer package.

Social Media Promotion

Once you’ve developed your content resources, it’s important to get the word out. We can manage your social media communications across platforms including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and other relevant outlets, using microblogging to help you build your audience and engage with new prospects and fans. This service is available as an add-on with any content retainer package.

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