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By Kathryn Hawkins.
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We've recently rebranded our business, changing our company name from Hawkins Multimedia to Eucalypt Media and launching a new website. Here's a look at some of the changes.

My partner Jeff Hawkins and I first launched our business immediately after our move to Maine in 2007—but we’ve been going through a significant transformation over the past year, and we’d love to share that with you. Here’s what’s new:

A new business name

When we originally launched our company as Hawkins Multimedia LLC, it was an umbrella company that covered a wide range of service offerings that the two of us could offer, including website development, website hosting, design, and freelance writing services. But as we’ve shifted our service offerings (more on that in a minute), we thought that it was time to rebrand our business. Our agency’s new name, Eucalypt Media LLC, reflects our growth and our global focus.

Refined service offerings

While Jeff is a talented website developer with more than a decade of experience in that field, we realized that, by offering such a diverse array of services to clients, it was difficult to scale our business in a way that made sense. (Look for a blog post from Jeff on this topic in the near future.) With our transition to Eucalypt Media, we’ve opted to focus exclusively on marketing strategy and content marketing services, and build out a team of trusted partners who can assist our clients with more technical needs.

While previously we focused primarily on project-based work, we’re now moving towards offering more retainer-based contracts, enabling us to provide consistent service offerings each month at a reasonable price.

An expanded team

While Hawkins Multimedia consisted solely of the company’s two principals, Eucalypt Media is a virtual agency that can grow as large as our clients need it to be. We’ve cultivated a roster of experienced and talented freelance writers, designers, marketing strategists, and other consultants with expertise across a range of industries. Depending our client’s communications and marketing needs, we are able to put together a team of expert-level consultants to match the project needs and scope.

A new website

While Jeff is no longer offering website development for clients, he has just completed the design and development of our new Eucalypt Media website, using the ExpressionEngine content management system. The new site serves to spotlight our years of experience in the burgeoning field of content marketing, and to share case studies and blog posts about how organizations can use high-quality content to elevate and promote their brands. The site design is creative, responsive and user-focused—just like our agency.


Kathryn Hawkins

Kathryn Hawkins is principal and chief content strategist of Eucalypt Media. She has worked as a freelance journalist for media publications and managed inbound marketing and content strategy for corporate and nonprofit clients for more than a decade.

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