From Brand Manager to Marketing Agency: 5 Lessons on the Job

By Jesse Baines. Agency Process
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It's a big mental shift when going from managing a single brand to multiple client projects. Here are some of the lessons I've learned.

Well, the client intros are almost complete, the systems are more or less in place and my copywriting cobwebs have been brushed/powerwashed off. Yes, I have made it through my first week at a content marketing agency.

If you too have ever transitioned from owning the marketing efforts of one single brand or company to the agency model of managing multiple clients and projects, you’ll hand that “amen” right on over when I say, yeah. It’s quite a shift.  

Five big, wholesome work days down and here is what I have observed to date:

  1. It’s FAST

    We don’t dictate deadlines, our clients do, and when deliverables are your bread and butter you better learn how to churn.

  2. Staying up to speed on industry tricks and trends is way easier

    Why? Because the conversation never stops. It can’t. As an in-house marketing manager I generally had the option to hire someone - probably at an agency - who could understand and execute marketing strategies better than our internal team could. Yeah, that’s me now.

  3. My work doesn’t follow me for coffee

    While I give my guts to our clients during the workweek, when I step away from the computer and out to my favorite coffee shop or local brewpub, it’s my time. I’m not the ‘face person’ of a particular brand or product. It’s a nice feeling to completely own your free time.

  4. This is a great opportunity to learn people

    At Eucalypt we have a wide variety of accounts --  Big, small, super-engaged and hands-off, each with their own stories, ideas, deliverables, brand history and hangups. It was my job to make sure my singular brand succeeded before and it’s my job to make sure all of our clients succeed now. That means listening and adapting to their needs, not mine.

  5. Time management

    It’s a thing. Wrangling the success of one brand as an in-house marketing manager is a challenging job that people get paid well for. Managing content marketing for multiple brands requires a set of time management skills I didn’t know I possessed. We are outfitted with some fantastic tools to keep us organized and on task, ensuring that our clients’ goals remain in focus. Plus, I’ve been practicing Eucalypt client BijaB’s breathing exercises at my desk. As I said, focus.  

I possess a unique perspective. While never a Eucalypt client specifically, I have been an agency client many times before. I remember the level of service and creativity that I came to appreciate, and some customer service failures that I did not. I also remember how much fun collaborating on projects you care about can be. It is my intention heading into my second week and every week after to keep these lessons fresh.

Was it difficult to find some daylight minutes to write this blog post? Youbetcha. But if that means I was able to better familiarize myself with the brands and people and needs that compose our client base, then yeah. I’m cool with that.

Jesse Baines

Jesse Baines

Jesse is an experienced writer and social media strategist who loves finding the good in the world. She serves as a client account manager here at Eucalypt Media. A lifelong Mainer, Jesse is an avid cook, outdoor adventurer, and lover of a good beer and a great story.

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