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We're a content marketing agency specializing in inbound marketing strategy and content creation.

About our agency

Eucalypt Media is a content marketing agency, focused on strategizing and developing compelling print and digital content for brands and organizations. We manage inbound marketing for our clients, as well as targeted, focused outreach to relevant outlets as appropriate.

Since our business’ launch in 2007, we have focused on high-quality, journalistic content—and we believe that you deserve the best research and writing around, whether you’re The New York Times or a regional utility company. We will always provide you with compelling, thoroughly researched work that will help your organization build credibility and passion around its brand.

Our primary services are content marketing strategy, development, and distribution. We can offer other services such as design and development through partners, but only take on projects where storytelling-driven content is the primary focus.

We focus on building long-term relationships with our clients to help them grow, so we strongly recommend working on a retainer-based model in most cases.

While we’re physically based in Scarborough, Maine, we work with clients throughout New England, the United States, and internationally.

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What’s different about us?

  • “Though she be but little, she is fierce!”

    Yes, we’re a small agency. But we have the skills, capacity, and partner network to expand to suit nearly any client’s needs—and our portfolios are on par with any of the big guys. (In fact, we’ve subcontracted for Ogilvy and plenty of others.)

  • We don’t own business suits.

    Don’t trust marketers? Honestly, we don’t either. We’ve fallen into this role reluctantly—we’re creative professionals who simply want to help organizations meet their goals, and think we have a lot of insight to offer after more than a decade in the field. We’re not “salesy” people—if you like what you’ve seen of our work and want to partner with us, awesome; if you need a company that’s going to “yes-sir” and “yes-ma’am” all of your pipe dreams to close a deal, no matter how unrealistic they may be, we’re probably not the one. (We’ve happily talked ourselves out of projects—we’d rather not sign a client with unattainable goals than take your money and let you down.)

  • We’re storytellers at heart.

    Unlike many other content marketing firms, we’re not a rebranded SEO company, or PR guys with a bit of content thrown in. Our principal Kathryn Hawkins has written and edited for publications including GOOD Magazine and CBS’ BNET, and directly oversees each client’s editorial strategy and content development. Our team of writers are rooted in good journalism practices, and understand the sensitive art of balancing a client’s business goals with telling a compelling and truthful story.

  • We’re 100% independent.

    While we are familiar with, and can support, many marketing technology solutions, such as HubSpot and Marketo, we focus on generating our revenue through high-quality service, not from affiliate revenue. We’re never going to try to sell you on a solution that’s more than you need. We’ll work with whatever you want to use, or help you decide which tools provide the technology you need at a budget that you can afford.

  • We get the web.

    While we also offer assistance with print collateral, much of our work is in the digital sphere—a landscape we’ve been part of for over a decade. We singlehandedly built our own web property to traffic levels of 400,000+ unique visitors a month using only organic social media and other outreach methods, and we’ll give you a clear road map to get the traffic and leads that you want.

  • We’re flexible.

    If you’re starting from scratch with content marketing, we can help you build your strategy from the ground up—but if you’ve already got a fantastic internal team or PR firm, and just need help producing your deliverables, we can do that, too. We don’t need to be everything to everyone: We adapt our solutions to fit your needs.

  • We provide awesome value.

    Larger marketing agencies will take you out for a steak dinner, bring you to their sleek offices, and have their employees spend weeks developing pitches designed to wow you. While that may seem impressive at first, it all ultimately ends up on your bill.

    In contrast, we follow the Lean Startup model: We don’t have a physical office (why bother when our clients are all over the world?); we work with an experienced team of freelancers, rather than hiring employees we need to pay no matter how much work’s coming in; and we focus on showing prospects what we’ve already done for others, rather than spending too much time on a custom pitch that may not go anywhere.

    This means we can afford to undercut those competitors by a significant margin—providing big agency work at small town prices.

The Principals

Kathryn Hawkins

Kathryn Hawkins

Kathryn Hawkins has the writing chops and integrity of a freelance journalist, with the drive and analytical focus of a marketer. She launched her career more than a decade ago while earning an MFA in creative writing, working as a freelance writer for publications including BNET.com (a CBS news publication), GOOD Magazine, and E: The Environmental Magazine, before honing her online marketing skills as editor and social media strategist for Gimundo.com (now a Eucalypt Media property) and the crowdfunding platform Razoo. She oversees our editorial and freelance team, and focuses on developing captivating and effective marketing strategies and content for Eucalypt Media’s awesome clients. She is often quoted on content marketing-related topics by publications including Content Marketing Institute, CIO.com, and many others.

Kathryn loves riding her bike down the local country roads and enjoying the local farms, beaches, and trails of Maine. She and Jeff have two young children and are eagerly awaiting a time when they can sleep in past 7AM.

Jeff Hawkins

Jeff Hawkins

Jeff Hawkins has over 15 years of experience as a website developer and marketing consultant, developing websites and managing web content for clients including the National Wildlife Federation, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, and Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership. At Eucalypt Media, he focuses on business development as well as technological and analytics consulting for clients.

Senior Account Manager

Jesse Baines

Jesse Baines

Jesse is an active and talented member of the social media and marketing community, having honed her skills with organizations and brands including Stonyfield Farms and Sebago Brewing Company. From organic dairy and craft beer to Maine lobster, city planning and adventure travel, Jesse has consulted on and contributed to many initiatives during her decade of marketing experience. A lifelong Mainer, Jesse is an avid cook, outdoor adventurer, and lover of a good beer and a great story. As the newest member of Eucalypt Media, Jesse’s job is to assist our clients in developing their own brand’s story, strategy and audience.

Staff Writer

Jesse Baines

Lindsey Heimbach

Lindsey is a social media and content marketer with five years of experience writing content and working on campaigns with national marketing agencies and small businesses. She has a strong freelance background in copywriting, editing and creating marketing materials. At Eucalypt Media, Lindsey provides social media and CMS support, and produces content for client campaigns.

When she’s not working from home, you can find Lindsey experimenting in the kitchen, exploring Portland in pursuit of a new story to tell, or tending to her in-home zoo. She grew up in Pennsylvania and has eagerly adopted Maine as her new home.

Our Team

We work with a network of highly experienced, U.S-based freelance writers, designers, and other creative consultants. We develop long-term relationships with each of our contractors, and understand their areas of expertise and capabilities, so that we can always bring on the right people for your project.

Preferred Partners

We have teamed up with several great vendors who can offer services that fall outside of our core group, enabling us to collaborate to take on large-scale creative projects. Our partner services are in website development, graphic design, and video production.

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